bob-show - Show properties of a package


bob show [-h] [-D DEFINES] [-c CONFIGFILE] [--sandbox | --no-sandbox]
         [--show-empty] [--show-common] [--indent INDENT | --no-indent]
         [--format {yaml,json,flat,diff}]
         [-f {buildNetAccess,buildTools,buildToolsWeak,buildVars,buildVarsWeak,
         packages [packages ...]


Show properties of one or more packages. Most properties are the same that are specified in the recipes. This command will show the final values of the properties that are used at build time. Additionally to the recipe properties the following synthetic properties are shown:

  • meta: Map of sub-properties that describe the package

    • deterministic: True if Bob thinks the package is fully reproducible. False if some input of the package is variable.

    • name: The package name

    • package: The package path

    • recipe: The recipe name that created this package

    • checkoutVariantId: The variant-Id of the package step. Different checkout variant-Ids are always checked out separately.

    • buildVariantId: The variant-Id of the build step.

    • packageVariantId: The variant-Id of the package. See implicit versioning concepts for more details.

  • sandbox: The sandbox package that is used for this package.

By default the information is shown as YAML document. If multiple packages are selected then multiple YAML documents are generated too. The output format can be controlled with the --format option. The flat format is a custom output format where each key/value pair is printed on a separate line.

The diff output mode is special because it compares two packages and shows the properties that are different between both packages.



Show only the given FIELD. This option may be specified more than once to show additional fields. If this option is not given then all fields are show.

--format {yaml,json,flat,diff}

Selects a different output format. Defaults to yaml.

--indent INDENT

The yaml and json output formats are pretty printed with an indentation of 4 spaces by default. Use this option to chance this to INDENT number of spaces.


Disables the pretty printing of the yaml and json formats. The output will be more compact but is less readable.


Disable sandboxing.


Enable sandboxing.


The diff format suppresses identical fields by default. This option forces them to be shown.


By default empty or disabled properties are filtered out to keep the output as short as possible. Specifying this option will still show them. If the package does not have a checkout- or build-step the respective properties do not exist and will never be shown.