bob-ls - List package hierarchy


bob ls [-h] [-a] [-A] [-o] [-r] [-u] [-p | -d] [-D DEFINES]
       [-c CONFIGFILE] [--sandbox | --no-sandbox]


List package dependencies. The optional package argument specifies what package(s) should be listed. If no package is specified the virtual root package is used, thus printing all top level packages and aliases. The / package path selects the virtual root package too but does not list aliases as it is a absolute location path. See bobpaths(7) for how to specify packages and how aliases are handled.

By default only the direct dependencies of the package are displayed. By adding -a the indirect dependencies (i.e. dependencies collected from provideDeps) are displayed too. To see the relative path from where the indirect dependencies were inherited add -o.

Without any further options only the first level of dependencies is listed. Adding -r shows a graphical tree of all transitive dependencies too. To get a list of all transitive dependencies instead, specify -p. This will print each package on a separate line with the full package path. The aliases listed below the virtual root package are not recursively traversed as they can involve arbitrarily complex queries. If you want to recursively list the dependencies of an alias you have to specify it explicitly as package argument.

Listing the dependencies of the selected package(s) is not always desired. To see the selected packages of a complex query directly add -d. This will print the path of all unique packages that were selected by the query. This cannot be used in conjunction with the -p option and ignores further -a, -o and -r options.

To see every package selected by the query, add -A. This will print all alternate paths to identical packages. This affects only the d and -p options, because the path leading to the selected packages is significant.


-a, --all

Show indirect dependencies too. By default only direct dependencies (i.e. dependencies explicitly specified in the recipe) are displayed.

-A, --alternates

For listings that print the full path of packages (-d, -p), display all packages, including identical ones. By default only unique packages, that were selected by the query, are displayed.


Use config File

-d, --direct

List packages themselves, not their contents. This comes in handy if the actual result of a query shall be displayed instead of the dependencies of the selected package(s). Cannot be used at the same time as -p. The -a, -o and -r options will have no effect if -d is specified.


Override default environment variable


Disable sandboxing

-o, --origin

Show origin of indirect dependencies. This is printed as relative path to the current package.

-p, --prefixed

Prints the full path prefix for each package. Without this option a graphical tree of the dependencies is displayed.

-r, --recursive

Recursively display dependencies


Enable sandboxing

-u, --unsorted

Show the packages in the order they were named in the recipe. By default they are sorted by name for better readability.

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