Describes how a particular Step of a Package is built. This includes all scripts, environment variables and recursive dependencies. See Implicit versioning.


Describes what is actually being built. This takes into account the actual sources of the checkout step, the build- and package-step scripts and recursively all depenencies. It identifies the (expected) build result and is used as index key of binary artifacts. See Implicit versioning.


Yaml file holding the blueprint of what packages are built. Can inherit from classes to reduce redundancy. When parsing the recipe graph one or more packages are created from a single recipe.


Particular instance of a recipe after resolving all inputs of the recipe (environment, tools, sandbox) and all dependencies.


Syntactically the same as a recipe. Used to factor out common parts of recipes to remove redundancy.


One of the three individual build steps of a recipe/package that are defined in Bob: checkout-, build- and package-step.


Describes how a Package is built. Identical to the Variant-Id of the package Step.