Bob 0.16 Release Notes

Changes made since Bob 0.15.0 include the following.


  • Bob is now installed via pip3.

    Bob installation is now based on standard Python setuptools. If you upgrade from Bob 0.15.0 make sure to delete all files that were installed by make install previously. Bob 0.15.1 also used the standard Python facilities already. See Install for more details.

  • Bob can run directly from a git worktree checkouts now.

New features

Audit trail

  • Put original URL of URL-SCM into audit trail record.

    The audit trail just recorded the hash sum and file name of URL-SCMs. The URL where it was downloaded was only available through the referenced recipes. While it may be possible to restore the information from the recipes, Bob now puts the originating URL directly into the audit record.

  • Added /etc/os-release to build information

    Basically all major distributions have adopted the systemd initiated unified OS identification via /etc/os-release. The content of the file is now included in the “build” section of the audit trail as “os-release”. This information is especially valuable when you build in containers where the uname information just shows on which host kernel the build is run but not in which container image.

See Audit trail for more details.


  • Bob gained the support for splitting up a monolithic project into several layers.

    Layers allow you to structure your projects into larger entities that can be reused in other projects. This modularity helps to separate different aspects of bigger projects like the used toolchain, the board support package and the applications integration.

    See Configuration for an overview.

  • URL SCMs use wget as fallback in case curl isn’t available.

    This fallback has some limitations, though:

    • wget does not support as many protocols as curl, but for the commonly used HTTP(S) and FTP schemes it works.

    • The time-stamp mechanism (-N) can’t be used as with curl, because wget doesn’t support it together with own outputfile names (-O). Therefore wget cannot download updates but will only fetch the file if it does not exist yet in the workspace.

  • Added support for bare variable names in strings.

    Usually the name of the variable must be enclosed in curly braces when dereferencing it, e.g. ${FOO}. In regular POSIX shells this is not needed if the variable name consists of only letters, numbers and underscores and if the next character is something different to terminate the variable name, e.g. "Hello $NAME.". In the light of more compatibility Bob supports this notion too now.

  • Added the fingerprintVars keyword

    This keyword controls the set of environment variables that are passed to a fingerprintScript[{Bash,Pwsh}] in conjunction with the fingerprintVars policy. This is useful to prevent the unneeded execution of identical fingerprint scripts. See the policy and the keyword for more details.

  • Added support for pre-release and development version numbers in bobMinimumVersion.

    Projects can now reliably require pre-release or development versions and do not have to wait until the next release of Bob is published.

User configuration (default.yaml)

  • Added fileMode and directoryMode options to override file modes in file backend.

    Normally the binary artifacts are created with default permissions by the file backend. It might be desirable to set some special access modes, though. An example would be to grant the group write access which is normally prohibited by the umask.

    See archive for more information.

Bob dev/build

  • The overall progress is now shown during parallel builds.

  • Added the packages download option.

    With --download=packages=RE a regular expression RE can be used to specify which packages should be downloaded. If the package cannot be found in any artifact cache then it will still be built.

Bob jenkins

  • Added timeout option for Jenkins git checkouts

    By default Jenkins has a timeout of 10 minutes for git clone and fetch operations. Depending on the server and the repository size this might not be enough. By setting the new scm.git.timeout option it is possible to change the timeout.

Bob project

  • Qt Creator generator gained support for Windows by MSYS2

    The bob project qt-creator plugin will be able to create a Windows native Qt Creator project by using MSYS2. This requires that MSYS2 must have been started by msys2_shell.cmd to have the WD environment available.

  • Added Visual Studio 2019 generator.

    This generator works currently only on MSYS2. Bob and the build is run on MSYS2 while Visual Studio is running natively. The drawback is that debugging of applications does not work because they would need to be built with the MS compiler. Error messages are also not understood by VS because the paths emitted by the compier refer to MSYS names and not to native Windows paths.

Changed behaviour

Backwards compatible policies

  • Introduced the sandboxFingerprints policy.

    When Host dependency fingerprinting was introduced, Bob initially used a shortcut and did not execute fingerprint scripts in the sandbox. This saved a bit of complexity and also relieved the build logic from the need to build the sandbox just to execute the fingerprint script. While the old approach was not producing wrong results it was overly pessimistic. It prevents sharing of any fingerprinted artifacts between sandbox and non-sandbox builds even if the fingerprint is the same.

    When set to the new behaviour the fingerprint scripts will be executed in the sandbox too. A caching of these results by the artifact cache is also implemented to reduce the need of fetching the sandbox image. Fingerprinted artifacts will be shared between sandbox- and non-sandbox-builds given the fingerprintScript[{Bash,Pwsh}] yields the same result.

  • Added the fingerprintVars policy

    When Host dependency fingerprinting was introduced there was no dedicated environment variable handling implemented for them. The simple policy was to pass all environment variables of the affected package to the fingerprintScript. Unfortunately this results in the repeated execution of identical scripts if the variables change between packages, even if they are not used by the fingerprintScript.

    The newly fingerprintVars keyword now allows to specify the subset of variables that are used. As this defaults to an empty set it would change the behaviour of of fingerprints in existing recipes. This policy hence controls the evaluation of the added fingerprintVars keyword.

Other behavioural changes

  • Fixed a bug where the URL of binary artifact servers was not properly quoted when building on Jenkins.

    The URL of a archive backend is not subject to string substitution. While this has been possible on Jenkins builds in the past it was never supported for local builds ever. On Jenkins it is now prevented, too.

  • Relaxed the requirement of what must be matched by regular expressions.

    All options that take a regular expression did implicitly match the string start on Bob 0.15 and before. This is unexpected by the user and in stark contrast to tools like grep and perl. Starting with Bob 0.16 a regular expression can match anywhere in the string. If you really require to match the line start you can do this by adding the ^ meta character to the regex.

  • Raised the severity of A and N flags of bob status.

    The handling of the A (attic) and N (new) flags was inconsistent with respect to the S (switched branch) flag. All these flags are shown by default now. They are all inconsistencies with respect to the recipes. They are now treated with equal severity like direct source modifications because these are consequences of modifications in the recipes or manual changes of the checkouts.

Backwards incompatible changes

  • The git SCM does not fetch commits explicitly from the server.

    If the recipe checks out a particular commit (commit key used) then Bob 0.15 used to fetch this commit explicitly from the server. But fetching commits explicitly is not supported by default by git servers and will typically be denied as follows:

    error: Server does not allow request for unadvertised object

    Instead Bob clones all branches and tags by default and relies on the assumption that the required commit is reachable by any of them.

Known issues

  • Incorrect Jenkins shared artifacts may be used when policies are changed.

    The Jenkins logic tracks packages that are marked as shared by their Variant-Id. But if the Build-Id of such an artifact changes it is not updated at the shared location. While the build result will still be correct the created artifacts will not be found by other builds because they have an incorrect Build-Id. This bug can be triggered if one of the following policies are changed explicitly or implicitly by increasing the bobMinimumVersion:

    Workaround: prune shared location on all Jenkins slaves when upgrading recipes that change one of the above policies. The default shared location is ${JENKINS_HOME}/bob but it can be configured by the shared.dir extended option.

    See issue #287.